Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On the path to six packs!

Health has always been on the back seat for many years for me. This January, it just happend. Chaubey and I visited a gym nearby and enrolled. We have had no idea as how long it is going to last. I have been to gyms lifting weights - the lightest of them, of course but could never manage for than a month or two.
Four months this time and still motivated. Achievements? Many!! Here is the list:

1. Body weight was 72 Kgs in the last week of Jan, 2011 and it is 84 Kgs since Mar,2011.
2. General health and stamina is better than my previous self.
3. Body fat accumulation is in control and is on the reducing path with a target of 10% or even lower - six packs come out at this stage!!
4. Great fitting clothes
5. Improved digestion and newly formed and yet healthy eating habits
6. Nutrition knowledge that was never there before

I feel like going into a new profession of being a health coach in the coming years with my acquired knowledge and experience of this nutrition and health world!! IT might take a back seat! :-)

I'll blog the pictures of my six packs when they arise or rather come out.
- Rahul