Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Devil

As soon as I emptied my coffee cup, I realized that my cell phone was not around. I had made a phone call right after coming to this tea house, almost half an hour hour back; so not having brought it in was out of question. Sudden gush of hormones made my heartbeat faster and my mind was running in all directions riding this untamable horse of thiniking. It was an expensive handset and so many efforts were put in before zeroing in on that one.

That "macho" waiter standing near the counter must have stolen it, I thought in sheer anxiety. I noticed a vicious spark in his eyes today. I have never been comfortable placing orders with him and yet, he has served me today. I hurriedly went up to him, keenly noticing everything on my way.

"What happened sir?", he asked. "I can't find my phone", I muttered. I felt short of ideas now. I wanted to beat the shit out of him but he was an endomorph - looked like coming from some US rugby team. I started to feel the certainty of not getting the phone back ever. I wanted to curse him with whatever evil words I had learnt consciously and subconsciously since my childhood.

I slowly walked back to my seat and found my phone lying there on the corner of my seat. It was me, who kept it there after that call was over. I looked around.
He was still standing there with the same spark in his eyes but it was not vicious any longer. Who has been a devil today – me, I realized.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mausam Mausammm!

The dazzingly verdant sight of fields...growing wheat or yellow mustard flowers giving a mixed texture.
Heavenly feel that it gives coming out on any of the highways leaving Delhi!