Monday, December 13, 2010

Learning Mandarin is being promoted in CBSE schools

Every other day there is an article in the newspapers about schools focusing on learnign Mandarin. So many kids to train and so less the teachers for it. Seems like teaching Mandarin is a profitable thing in the time to come. The real issue is that Mandarin is not an easy language to learn. As far as I know, learning Mandarin is difficult because it contains pictures - a photographic script. No alphabets!! Each Mandarin character relates to something from the nature, surroundings. I wonder how would a non-chinese environment is going to help someone learning it. Someone in the Sunday (Dec, 11 2010) article wrote that China is the next US - a land of opportunities for the world and yes I also believe in it. Visiting China for almost 5 years back, gave me the same impression. I could make out that learning Chinese / Mandarin is going to help in the future as one becomes acquinted to a language that is being spoken by 1/5th of the world. English is an added advantage of course. Indian can not think of beating China in terms of economic prowess and on other parameters until it is being ruled by "Rajas" so it is rather realiastic to think in terms of becoming a service center to the Chinese or may be joining them for mutual good.