Thursday, November 19, 2009

Self Awareness and Neuroscience

If one sees things the way they are or the most agreesome reality, one can be at peace with self and can even notice the evidences of this peace within. Buddhism calls such a reality as "tattva" or we may also call it "what is" or "thatness" - it is what is left out there in the world when we do not see it through a given meaning or pre conditioned filters. It is real in the world - just before the arrival of the meanings and interpretations added to them.

So, if in any situation, if we could zoom away to "thatness" and standing there, we start seeing things as they are and what are we in realtion to "that". We can all it our "Being".

This, being a certain definable way, makes us do many a things that include all our actions,
behaviour etc. and basing these actions on the cause and effect model of life, we could safely say that these actions are primarily responsible for what we have in life, starting from material possessions to our moods, feelings and our relationships as well. Here, I am talking about the consequences of the actions produced from a certain way of being.

Now, if we can clearly see the "tattva" or thatness of some aspect of our lives, and also as who I am, as a way of being, still making a shift in the being to produce certain results becomes possible. It requires a shift in the understanding and thus becomes very easy to choose as an experience to be something else. We can take the example of an actor here, who sees things as "that is" for a given scene and role and does not go into a required way of being to play that role until directed for. Once he/she chooses to be that, what the character in the movie is playing, they begin to experience the effects of that way of being, including pain, anger or joy - if its a part of the charater to be played.

So taking the situation as "that" we can shift our way of being as an accomplished actor and thus can produce results that were earlier not possible as the person was overwhelmed by the personal reality created out of "tattva".

Even nureoscience has suggested that going beyond the normally possible way of being, that is what yoga or meditation help someone achieve, can make changes to the chemistry in the brain and the brain evolves to this newly formed pattern.
Self awareness and meditation practices can help any one change the pattrens in the brain for better.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Epicureanism, Aponia, Ataraxia etc.

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