Wednesday, September 16, 2009

गुस्ताव - एक कहानी (भाग - ३)

शाम हो चली थी। दिन भर अपनी गर्मी से धरा को तपाता सूरज थक चुका था। रोशन को स्टेडियम जाना था। गुस्ताव कहीं भी चल सकता था सिवाय घर वापिस लौटने के। पुस्तकें अपने थैले में डालकर गुस्ताव अपनी साइकिल पर रोशन के स्कूटर से मुकाबला करने की कोशिश भर करता बढ़ चला।

दोनों कुछ ही देर के फासले से स्टेडियम पहुंचे। गुस्ताव अंदर पहुँचा तो रोशन स्टेडियम का एक चक्कर लगा चुका था। गुस्ताव अंदर आकर मैदान से लगी सीढियों पर बैठ गया।
"आजा तू भी साथ हो ले", रोशन गुस्ताव के पास से निकलते हुए भरी साँस में बोला।
"अपनी कसरत तो यहाँ तक आने में ही हो गई", गुस्ताव ने आगे निकल चुके रोशन तक लगभग चीख कर अपनी बात पहुँचा दी।
चार चक्कर पूरे करने के बाद रोशन पसीने से तरबतर होकर सीढियों की तरफ़ निकल आया।

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Leaving Delhi

I am sitting in my office now, it is 12:20AM. I am doing a usual 11 hours shift and today's shift started at 6PM (Indian Standard Time) that ends at 5AM. Leaving from home to office is not easy - home pulls backwards and office pulls forward; needless to say that office always wins in this tussle or tug-of-war. Though on very few occasions, when I am really down with fever and thanking my starts for being ill, I let the home win in this game.

Today I am down with viral fever and cough and taken a medication - a cough syrup, ciprofloxin tablets, and some other BD/TD things. Still I did not favour home in the game today. When the cab honked at 4:15PM, I waved my wife and daughter good-bye and dashed off to Noida, a suburb towards the eastern border of Delhi. My office is good 36 kilometers from my home but thankfully it was my last day in Delhi for this innings. I am shifting to a place that is only 5 kilometers away from the office.

Anita prepared a wonderful dinner today, this realization came at around 8:45PM. Afterwards, I staretd reading some Solaris troubleshooting tips and tricks.

In between I got remineded of my schooling in Bulandshahr where I went for a few months in the year 1981-82. Little googling took me to a web site that showed some names but I do not really remember anybody with whom I frolicked with. I further searched for all the other schools or colleges I attended and noticed myself getting little nostalgic at seeing the names of the people and the years they remained in those instituitions and also their probable places of residence today. I notice that I am still a lot sentimental, stoic philosophy is ditching me when I need it the most :-))

I forgot to mention before that working in longer shifts and on the top of it, spending 4 or 4 1/2 hours in commuting to & fro was depriving me of doing any other thing in a working day. Energy levels in the office, spending time with the family, translating "Meditations", working on the project "I M A Geek Now" all this would get a boost when I start saving on the commuting time though that time was being spent in pure philsopical conversations with the self i.e. "My Own Meditations".

Its 12:40AM now; I 'll reach home by 7:00 AM and the truck would arive at 7:30 AM.
I am shifting today, near to my workplace, leaving Delhi.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A new project - I M A GEEK NOW

I 've started to work on a project that focuses on teaching the basic IT skills to the elderly people so that they can also be a part of this digital world. These new gadgets should not remain only in their general knowledge domain but the objective of the project would be to make them experience the digital world.

More on this project is being documented on
If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, drop an e-mail to